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Da Bears arrive on Page 4 of How We Decided You’re People! Ah sailing bears. Who wouldn’t love them? If you want to see what the bears get up to next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

This vignette was inspired by two things. The first was a section in one of the history books I read that retold that some of the First Nations did think the French were some kind of mutant bear at first because they were so short, smelly, and hairy. The second is a speech by Red Jacket, a Seneca orator who is one of the greatest American speakers. According to whom? According to William Jennings Bryan, who knows a few things about oration. Read Red Jacket’s speech for yourself.

My thanks to Mittie Paul for the art!



    Is it too late to vote to change our species? Because i want to be a bear.


      Well … there are ways to modify person’s DNA at least theoretically, but it’s pretty hard to do to adult and lot of genes wouldn’t activate anyway because it would be too late for them.

      It’s easier to change children … I mean embryos. But they are too young to vote and might disagree with your decision later.


    I really like this comic, but I hate how the RSS feed brings me here and not to the comic itself. If I haven’t read a few updates worth, I have to go to the most recent one then go backwards to find the last one I read. It frustrates me.


      While I understand the frustration (I want to see the comic first, *then* the commentary), there are links directly to the page in each commentary.

      I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the comic! Thank you so much!

      The RSS feed is for the WordPress part of the site, which I’ve integrated into the website so that I didn’t have to build a blog and comment section on my own. While I appreciate your frustration with this work around, I can’t redirect the RSS feed to the comic page. To help, I always put the link to the page in the first sentence of the journal entry. Would it make it easier to just put the link at the top of the journal entry before any commentary? So before I start talking, I have the link like this:

      Chapter 13 Page v4

      I can do that without problem if it would help. Also, you can always see the list of journal entries at This link is in the footer of every page.


        Oh, so THAT’s why it works like that. Thanks for the explanation, I’ve always wondered. Putting the link like that works great (speaking from today’s comic), thanks!


    Bear with it, smallpox is coming.


    I can’t say I blame them. Seafaring bears sounds much more interesting to me, too!


    I figured from the start of this vignette that there were only two possible ways it could end:
    “We decided you’re people because of some amazing act of altruism or love”, or
    “We decided you’re people because only humans could be so pointlessly cruel.”

    And given the historical setting, probably not the former. :\


    If Jonathan Swift had meet Toothy Kit… :)


    Okay, I vote for being bears!

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