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Chapter 13 Page 26

August 17th, 2016

The Morantine scout fails his duty for the last time on Chapter 13 Page 26. Blaise, how did you get up there so fast? Did you parkour through the panels? I want that superpower. For a sneak peek at what victory brings, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Blaise is just sitting there like he’s offering a cup of coffee. (I’ve been sidetracked on reading. Glad to be back!)


    Now on to looting the bodies, because I mean what is dead guy going to do with a nice horn anyway. The point of any adventure looting their stuff.

    Kate from Iowa

    And now for the important question…did Elk manage to keep from getting any blood on his clothes?


    Let me Ax you something………..

    I’m gonna be honest – I felt kinda bad for the last guy. -_-


      On one hand, so do I, but on the other? He’s in the middle of a fight as the last one standing, with an angry spirit on one side and vicious warrior on the other, and what does he do?

      Ponders how the guy got up that tree with his horn!

      I would say that this guy deserves the Darwinian award, but, sadly, Running like hell would probably net about the same result.


    Does Toothy Kit get xp from this encounter too?


    Rogue done right.

    Falling Star

    Because Blaise is a motherfucking wizard.


    Loot the bodies! Gain: Guns with ammo and bayonets, clothing for trade or camouflage (at least the boots and other stuff without stains), one signal horn, travel rations, and Lots of satchels.


    Did Blaise ‘s player roll a natural 20? :0

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