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Chapter 13 Page 16

July 6th, 2016

Toothy Kit explains how Defiant Elk found his spyglass on Chapter 13 Page 16. Kit is prone to exaggeration of the sake of a good story. Or to include pirates. Because everything is better with pirates.

Elk and Blaise see what’s coming down the river on the next page. You can see Blaise’s reaction when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Plot twist: the trader was a pirate!


    I love the relationship those two have, it’s adorable. X3


    Probably not an awe inspiring comment, but Defiant Elk is right. It Kit is going to become a wisdom, she needs to be respected as someone who tells the truth.

    (I can’t help it, it’s my DAD gene)

    Falling Star

    Pirates make everything better.


    Well, at least Kit has a good taste regarding stories.


    Haha, love the Kit-O-Vision

    Somebody Someone

    Kit. Is. So. Much. Win. :D

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