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BOOM. This is going to hurt. Serpents in the Water Page 10. A preview of more action awaits when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Cannonballs? That’s not going to be so much effective, would it? Don’t they have better ammunition, something sharp? Or what about two balls connected with chain?

      At this time in history, gunners had three types of ammunition to pick from. Chain shot is best against masts and rigging. It’s a great way to strand a ship. Solid cannonballs were great at punching holes through the sides of ships. They also had hollow shells packed with gunpowder. These exploding shells were very volatile and they were working on the fuses so they didn’t always go off properly. The Morantine are using exploding shells against the sea serpent.


        Hmmm … exploding may be better. Solid cannonballs were those I don’t think will be effective. It’s true that harpoon cannons were developed in 19th century so expecting something like that so soon is too optimistic, although the serpents might motivate more research in this direction …

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