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The leviathan approaches on Page 5 of Serpents in the Water. Be afraid, sailors. Be very afraid. When you vote for Snow by Night, ¬†you’ll see why they should be so afraid.

The Tattered Weave is going full steam. If you want an interactive story with crafting and collectables, this is the game for you. It has mini-games, avatars, adorable kith, and quests. Also, there’s a story behind it all that provides a heart and a theme to it. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter for it tomorrow. You can watch videos describing some of the features on our YouTube channel.



    Never has a pair of jeans inspired so much fear since the Levi a than. Panel 2 especially, Fear the broken zipper!

    Ze zee

    Reading through the archives, I meant to ask: what changed between our world and this one that women can serve as soldiers without any apparent problems? Is there still anything in the way of gender restrictions? Was there a women’s-rights movement two hundred years early, or did the presence of manitou and Great Spirits change something fundamental about how society evolved?

    …Can you tell I’m procrastinating instead of studying for a history test? Because I tried to leave the subject until tomorrow, but I think it’s following me D:

      Most gender roles and morality from this era stems from religious influence. As you correctly point out, the Great Spirits have been fundamentally involved in how society evolved. The Great Spirits are a take on what would have happened if Greek gods had continued as viable religions into the Age of Discovery. Also, Rome with its inherent male chauvinism did not conquer all of the Mediterranean in this alt-history world. So the warrior tradition of Boudicca continued unabated.


    Okay, that’s actually super terrifying with the glowing eyes from under the water.




    We’ll just call him “Levi” for short.

    Binge Reader

    It looks like a chinese water dragon, less of a giant monster that could eat ships in one go. Maybe it’s a baby?

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