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Chapter 13 Page 5

April 11th, 2016

Cienan gathers the materials he needs to make Pénélope a body on Chapter 13, Page 5. Aether and blood. Fortunately, Jassart left both behind in the last chapter. Pénélope also appreciates all the aether that you have left behind when you played the lock puzzle.

There is a final piece that Cienan needs and he asks for help for it. If you want to see whom Cienan asks, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. This is perhaps Cienan’s most dangerous secret.



    So, there will be a clone of Jassart created; and Cienan can then frame him for whatever crimes he wants…


    Imagine Jassart’s face when he discovers the existence of a rule 63 version of him around.


      If that will turn out to be the case (and if this is how he made her last body)… What happened to the original Pénélope!? D:

        Binge Reader

        She’s probably on a all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.. that or this is the REAL Pénélope and Blaise could create a spirit girl harem if he wanted.


    I may have said this before, but Cienan is kind of scary. But it only makes me like him more.


    Oh hey, I called something right!
    That’s the first time I’ve ever guessed anything comic related!
    … I want my Aether back, though…

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