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Chapter 13 Page 4

April 6th, 2016

Chapter 13 Page 4 reveals that Cienan likes to make deals. He’s made one with Pénélope and he’s made another one with someone else. If you want to see a hint of how Cienan makes the sprite a body, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    When I solved the puzzle the empty hole was on the bottom left not the bottom right. I tried to put it on the bottom right first but the last piece didn’t want to move to the correct position until I switched which corner I was putting the hole.


    I…just like these guys more and more with each page >:3
    Can’t wait to see the real plan unfold *o*


    Ye olde alchemal kickstarter.


    So here’s a question did this guy never really finagle/manipulate, finipulate a word can we make it one, Blaise because he knew Blaise was basically a decent person and Jassart wasn’t and it’s one of those everyone gets what they deserve dealies?
    Or did he think Blaise wasn’t worth the trouble or didn’t have the ruthlessness he needed?


      Usually in these sorts of tales it is a matter of you have to let/help the person trap themselves (which works out usually as a matter of they ‘get what they deserve’ but not because the manipulator cares as much as because that is what works…)


      con jobs work best on people willing to be crooks, pretty hard to go to the police after and explain how you were doing something illegal and suffered.


    I’ll come out and say it–Cienan is far craftier than I’ve been giving him credit for. I’m starting to like this guy more and more, knave though he may be.


    I feel like they’re somehow talking about stealing Jassart’s body but I kinda feel like that won’t be a thing. Maybe Viv?

    Also, what are the green glowy flames that look like more Penelope creatures and keep following these two around in the basement but aren’t ever actually speaking?

    that guy

    For a while, I thought they are talking about a body hijack.


    Cienan’s amusement with Pénélope is quite endearing.

    The rest of it is very ominous though. I wonder what he means with Jassart giving her a body. And that vote incentive.

    Eric Munson

    Three guesses who the other deal is with, and the first two don’t count *caw CAW caw*


    Ooh I like where this is going.
    My guess is that he’ll be using the Aether that the vault stole from Jassart. And perhaps from each and every one of us who played the puz… HOLY C–!! O. O

    Well played, Cienan. Well played, Myth.

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