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Chapter 13 Page 2

March 30th, 2016

Cienan gets home from the party on Chapter 13, Page 2, and guess who’s baaaaaaack! And she’s none too pleased.

She’s got a reply¬†for all of the nice things y’all said about her in the comments. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see for yourself.




    He obviously knew something was up, the second he gets home, right down the long flight of stairs and hallway and rooms to the mask area ;).


    Well. This bodes poorly for Jassart.


    And breaking my glamour is entirely more important than stealing the mask.


    Penelope! Dude was whistling! Don’t be rude.

    Falling Star



    So, is Mr Cienan also one of these spriggans using glamour I ask myself?


      Now THAT would be a plot twist.

      Tevish Szat

      Theory: She (or they, as the case may be) is not a native manitou, but rather a Manes. Glamour is how those that still exist avoid being known to exist, and that is a more european folklore conceit than most drawn on for the Manitou. Manes usually had “some variation of an animal crossed with human features.” so I don’t think plant-bug-human would be too strange for one.


      Yes, what’ll the ol’ bodach do now?


    His face in the last panel, I can’t stop giggling. And that broken off whistling bubble is just perfect. XD

    I wasn’t expecting that tree(?) sprite to be so small, but I guess size isn’t important to the whole glamour thing?


    How ungentlemanly, to break a lady’s glamour like that. But maybe she gets a new one as an employee benefit? It broke on the job, after all.

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