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Chapter 12 Page 29

March 23rd, 2016

And so the chapter ends on Chapter 12 Page 29. Jassart has what he came for, and perhaps a whole lot more than that… Don’t worry about that ominous vision of fire. I’m sure it was a trick of the light.

We’ll be starting the first scene of Chapter 13, Water Flows Down, next week when Eric returns from vacation. The Chapter 12 vignette will begin after that first scene. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics for a preview of the title page!



    Ha! I knew it! (Okay, actually what I knew or suspected was that the guy
    with the last name “Tuathal” was probably not human, as a Tuatha de Danann,
    mostly based on the name and the difference in the way Snow
    perceives him. But Penelope being a Froudian fairy creature pretty much makes the
    case stronger that there’s Something Odd about the guy.)

      Poetically Psychotic

      Good catch. I noticed the reference to the Tuatha, but hadn’t made the jump to him being literally one of them.


    Dryad, cool! My only concern is the phoenix pattern of the fire, when the mask turned. what effects will it have on the Dryad? If she is a Dryad. Hmmmmm interesting. That gives us some food for thought.

    Falling Star

    This is actually not that surprising, considering.
    On the other hand, YES! She’s not dead!
    Maybe she’ll feature in her own vignette, or come back as a helpful character.
    I really like her.




    She’s adoooooooorrable!


    Is that a puckwudgie?


    That mask now looks distressingly like the one from ‘Berry of the Sun’. Though the firebird spirit would suit Jassart(greedy, never satisfied…) hmm?


    It is a wooden mask.
    False faces are made from living trees. The living spirit of the tree is bound to the mask.


    Ah ha! I had a suspicion (or hope) that Penelope wasn’t gone forever. The way she dissolved made me wonder. I really want to know what her deal is now. Another manitou? (Would explain a lot about her casual ruthlessness if she had no heart.) Another kind of yet-to-be-introduced creature, like a pixie of some sort?

    Stay tuned, folks, and don’t change that channel!


    So, is that the real Penelope, who has her own bio, or is this a manitou or similar pretending to be her? If the latter, won’t M. LeBlanc have a nice surprise when he meets the real one again.

    And I don’t actually want to know the answer to this question until it is revealed in the plot!

    that guy

    I mean, speaking about this page in general.

    that guy

    Somehow, this does not surprise me, after the previous couple of pages.


    last panel: “welp, I’m fired.”

    James Browning

    My crazy guesses are that either something happened to Jassart since he last had it (Aether infused alchemy shop explosion) or more likely the one he had earlier was a display prop (those who fail to learn from the overlord list will be forced to make all the mistakes).

    Given the mystical protector I would guess the latter and that it should have been in a safety deposit box with another display prop in front of an artistic spirit who would provide the police sketch.

    I gotta say tying the arrow keys to navigation functions makes it really makes it easier to go back and fix typos when writing comments.


    Really eager to see the next scene with Cienan… and the one after that. I’m quite happy we’ll get at least one look at him before the vignette. Things have got very intriguing of late.

    Also commenting to say that I seem to be able to comment fine, if this shows up, so the issue seems to be gone.


    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. O_O

    That being said, I was unable to post a comment on this page for some reason, unless I went and selected it from the archives. Just thought I’d let you know.


      I just tried commenting while logged out and it seemed to work from the page, so I can’t duplicate the problem to figure out what went wrong. :( Sorry for any inconvenience! Please let me know if it happens for you again.


        It’s okay; I think it’s working now; I see plenty of other comments. Maybe I was just early or something, and it sorted itself out. :D

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