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Chapter 12 Page 15

February 1st, 2016

Jassart is shadowed as he ventures past the ornate door on Chapter 12 Page 15. And that shadow is messing with him. Tsk tsk, Jassart.

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    Of all the things I expected the maid to do…swinging from the rafters was not one of them. Dang.

    Map Worldbridge

    I knew that it was her on the cover… Pénélope has really maid herself awesome. Can’t wait to see their doom-estic battle!

    Proof that I figured this out before anyone else:

      You did mention it on page 1 of the chapter. I didn’t want to say anything for fear of ruining the surprise for everyone else. But good work figuring it out!

        Map Worldbridge

        Thanks so much! Couldn’t resist the bad puns…

        Here are a few follow-up theories about Pénélope’s lack of irises…

        a) She’s secretly an humanoid automaton as well as a ninja maid (or has some other kind of supernatural weirdness going on)

        b) Her eyes were briefly shut


        c) She’s simply rolling her eyes in disdain at Jassart.

        I don’t normally say this, as I usually spoil everything I can, but please don’t tell me the answer yet…




    He’s doomed.


    I guess that’s a tapestry of burning forest in panel 2. It feels vaguely threatening somehow.


    Is it just the lighting, or are there no irises in the eyes of that ‘maid’?

    Either way, she’s creepy, but the latter would definitely be creepier, especially with the acrobatics.

    That . . . is no ordinary maid.


    I have a new favorite character now!


    By the way, did you guys know that hitting the left arrow key while typing a comment takes you to the previous page? You might want to fix your javascript.

      We did. It’s purposefully. That way people can use the arrow keys to navigate through the pages.


        Oh, wow! I hadn’t noticed that before. Neat!


        The point, and what he means, is that the prompt for page navigation should be deactivated when a text box gets focus. It is really a nuisance if you can’t use the arrow keys to move the cursor, and quite frustrating if you naturally do so after typing a long comment which is then at the mercy of your browser’s last page buffer.

        I’m pretty sure THAT is not on purpose.


          You’re right, and it’s an unfortunate fault of using old code from previous incarnations of the site. For a quick fix, I’ve removed the arrow key navigation from comic.php so that the latest page won’t throw anyone off the comment box, and the arrow key navigation can just be used to flip through the archives. I’ll look into a better site-wide fix later when I have the time. Thanks!


    Trying to find something that rhymes with “ninja maid” and failing terribly…

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