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Chapter 12 Page 10

January 13th, 2016

Oh! A plan! Jassart and Vivienne plot on Chapter 12 Page 10. While her father may indulge her with the ball, she’s almost certainly going to be engaged to a noble back in Saronne. There’s no one in Aradie who is her equal or will benefit the colony in the upcoming war.

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    I’ll take the long bet and go further with my previous theory and say a certain Defiant one shows up at this ball with Blaise as coach for how to act.




    I know Jassart is using Vivienne, but what about the opposite? Spoiled or not, V is no fool.
    I wonder who will backstab the other first.


    Sneaky, conniving, little…
    I love it. Definitely was needing some more fun thieving escapades all up in here!

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