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Chapter 12 Page 6

December 16th, 2015

Vivienne visits her father, who also happens to be the Governor General, on Chapter 12 Page 6. This conversation might not go the way she wants.¬†When I asked Julie to draw this page, I wanted to show wealth and power, but it’s still the colonies. Little splashes of baroque styling would be present, but it should have a hint of the rustic to it. I think she succeeded marvelously.

To see why I was rushing to get all the maps done, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. I have one more Almanac update this Friday, which will be a map of Aradie. After that, I’m taking a two-week break for the holidays. The next page goes up on Jan. 4. See you then!



    Many preciously have tried this tactic.
    All have been repelled with the phase uttered ‘You no take mask!’
    Promptly followed by stuff thrown at them. The last one who tried to get him to relinquish it almost got a spear through the eye.
    At that point the governor stepped in and said
    ‘Enough is enough, this mask is under the protection of the colony and is to Always be in possession of its current owner under pain of death for anyone caught trying to take it from him.’


    Luckily, she happens to know a daring scoundrel-type person.

    Nothing bad could happen, of course….


      I would prefer that, for once, the characters meddli


        Meddling with forces beyond their understanding would do it the smart way, like taking as many security measures as possible.

          Eric Munson

          The only flaw in this logic is that to know they should employ such security measures, they must first understand that they’re up against forces beyond their understanding…


    Hoho, kind of funny seeing Vivienne not getting what she wanted, and i’m curious to know why her father can’t asks Cienan to give the mask….How much power does that man possess!?


      Maybe it’s just integrity that’s stopping him?


      Or, yanno, she just asked him for something that he can see no feasible use for in terms of civic or military improvement, and his position would probably not be as stable if he just randomly started granting his daughter whatever he wanted from his townfolk.

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