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The Tree of War Page 6

November 2nd, 2015

Nothing underscores a point like lightning. As proved by Page 6 of The Tree of War by Kristin Kemper.

Nekocon is this Friday so no Almanac. The second page for this week will be going up Thursday morning.

November is Native American Heritage Month. The Smithsonian is having a lot of awesome events.



    Using thunder for dramatic effect is style. Synchronising it with the lightning is just showing off.


      i think he needs to. The audience is proving a little thick. btw as a costumer, I really appreciate the interaction of the wind machine and what we call the bottomweights.


    I’m reading “Upstate Cauldron” by Jocelyn Godwin. I’m hoping Fantasy Upstate New York is a better place than real turned out to be. I found out that I’m living near a ley line, though. So that’s the reason . . .

    Anyway, if the visitor can bring the law, he sure as anything can use thunder for punctuation.


    Well, damn. Nothing like good timing to prove a point.


    I think volcano eruptions may be even better.


    And a thunderbolt to mix it well!

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