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Chapter 11 Page 20

September 13th, 2015

Snow-by-Night arrives for the dance on Chapter 11 Page 20. The dance calls to the spirits, and as a spirit, Snow-by-Night feels the draw. To see Distant Smoke address her, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

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    Stampers Saverem

    Just in time for the party!


    So this was Elk’s plan, eh?
    I wonder why they want to see Snow so badly

      Maybe to see if they’re stuck with Blaise for the the whole winter or if it’s okay with her to send him on his way now that he’s not dying anymore.
      They do have limited resources and he’s another mouth to feed, who isn’t even a member of the clans.


    Huh. Wonder why that got her attention. I guess these guys know more about spirits and Manitous and such than Blaise does. he should remember this trick next time he needs to talk to Snow and she doesn’t feel like saying hi.

    Bill Meahan

    Re the last panel: Snow Monroe?


      I mentioned that Snow looked a lot like Marilyn Monroe on this page. Julie replied “Who?” So I figured it would just be you and me who noticed it, Bill.


        Eric when did you say that? Of course I would know one of the most influential female figures of that time.


          When I asked you whether that shot looked too much like the iconic Monroe-over-the-air-vent picture. The actual discussion was a bit longer. I paraphrased for this comment.

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