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Chapter 10, Page 8

January 27th, 2015

Jassart tells Vivienne about the spirits of Everique on Chapter 10 Page 8. So Japethe did have manitou, or manes, once upon a time. Whatever happened to them? Ponder, ponder, ponder.

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    I just love that panel with the flow of manes/manitous. It reminds me of paitings by Goya, his ‘nightmares’ series.


    The more I see Jassart the more I hate him. Sure he was alright at first, but after everything he’s done? No more.

      It just occurred to me, but I really should have seen it before: Jassart is quite likely a sociopath.
      He’s witty, charming, selfish, and incredibly good at manipulating everyone around him in order to try to get what he wants.
      He had Blaise thoroughly in his power until he fell for Snow (maybe not the best idea to fall for a childish immortal spirit with a body made out of snow, but I figured from the beginning the only way she was gonna “find her heart” would be to fall in love . . . which will hopefully help with her temper and ability to empathize).
      Now that Blaise is gone and Vivienne has shown an interest in him, he’s looking to get on her good side and move up in the world. Whatever benefits him the most.


        Oh holy mother….I can’t believe I missed that!


        The more i see Jassart, the more he seems an opportunist who cares only about himself, and will present anything to fit his story. Now the questions to me are:
        1/ does he believe his own stories?
        2/ how long till his stories start conflicting?


    Boy, that’s not a flirtatious pose in the last panel! I’m not sure he’s flirting romantically, but he’s certainly evoking reactions from her to get something.

    What does he think this will get him?

    Hans Rancke

    “I betrayed one that I had befriended to Bertrande.”


      More like “I caught a creature I never trusted and who was mentally screwing with my friend.”


        People like Jassart are opportunistic scavs. That man deliberately used her and up until he got the bright idea to use her power for other means, was ready to toss her aside like trash. I’m sorry bro, but you’re supporting the WRONG character.


          You’ve handwaved everything I’ve ever said about Jassart, and you’ve made your dislike abundantly clear almost every page. Is there any reason I should listen to your hatred of Jassart any more than you’ve listened to my arguments about him? ‘Sorry, bro, but you’re backing the WRONG character’? Where did YOU get the right to say which character is right, or wrong, without even a proper explanation. I’ve spent whole pages explaining why I think like I do, and in four lines, you think you’ve proven anything to me?


          I think you both have good points, but I’m biased. I wrote the story so that both points of view are valid. Feel free to debate the merits; I find it fascinating. I do ask that we continue to keep the discussion civil.


      Pretty much.


    I love her suspicious demeanor.

    Number 6

    I think I remember reading somewhere that Giavere ate all the Japethan manes, or killed them, or drove them away? I can’t find where I saw it, though, maybe I imagined that.

    Also, as the page was first loading, I thought for a moment that Jassart had somehow convinced Vivienne to balance a teapot on her head! Now that would be impressive.


      Omg you’re right about the teapot, that’s hilarious XD


      Why’d you have to mention the teapot? Now I can’t stop seeing it that way! XD


        We didn’t even notice that during the production process. Julie and Naty were able to tweak it. Teapot moved!


      Perhaps she was balancing a teapot on her head. Maybe it’s a form of cavalry training, meant to improve one’s sitting posture.


      That was probably me, I presented it as a theory about eight months ago in the comment section (I think it was just after Snow freaked out in the Sherbourg temple to Giavere on Nuit Longue), and I’ve only gotten more certain of it since.

      I’m pretty sure Giavere, and the other Japethan great spirits, are manitou/manes, and have consumed/absorbed/subsumed all the lesser spirits in an effort to gather greater power. With all the low-hanging fruit plucked and eaten, the only remaining targets were each other, in a Highlanderesque there-can-be-only-one sort of way, so each has become the patron (and, via the state religions, manipulator) of a human nation in an effort to undermine and eventually destroy the others. In the almanac it states that Aileon does not have a patron spirit, but that theirs abruptly disappeared — I think the Aileon spirit was consumed by one of the others.

      When an explorer discovered Everique the great spirits realized that it would be chock-full of lesser manes to devour, and so they’ve sent their pet humans to conquer it on their behalf — a win-win proposal, really, as human kings are always happy for the opportunity to acquire more land and resources. The colonists have brought their religion, and their temples, and so too their homelands’ great spirits. The patron spirit whose nation acquires the largest portion of Everique will likely also consume the greatest portion of the native spirits and add their power to their own, and acquire the strength to defeat the others as well. Certainly at least some of the native manitou are wise to this, several successive attempts to build a temple to Giavere at Crescent Falls have failed spectacularly, probably because the local manitou had something to say about it.

      So there you have it.

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