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Jacqueline lures the chimera into a deathtrap on page 11 of Engagement on Vineyard Hill. Only one more page to go in this vignette. To see Jacqueline’s reaction when all is said and done on the final page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Wednesday’s vote incentive will be a preview of Chapter 10. Julie’s doing a great job with it. Julie’s computer is fixed so we’re redoing the livestream this Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST.


    Guys… someone make a plushie of the Chimera, I will buy it. It’s so cute! <3


    Quick question: those coats they are wearing, I love them, and am dying to know if they have a particular name. I have a character I’ve drawn wearing something similar though it’s floor-length and meant to be more of a dressy uniform. I’d like to be able to describe in more ways than just those. x3
    Also, I’d like to point out, that while typing in the comment box, if you press an over arrow key, it will send you backwards or forwards through the comic pages and you’ll lose your comment. It happened to me twice, as I actually go backwards when correcting typos in my comments rather than backspacing the entirety of everything that followed the typo to get back to it. So… is there a way to maybe disable this? Thanks! :D


      As far as I can tell, they are just called coats, maybe military coat. We’re modeling Viv’s unit off of French uniforms from the early 1700s. Since she’s from the colonies, their coats are a light gray with blue facings.

      We’ve set the arrow keys to allow people to page back and forth through the comic pages. We know that’s an inconvenience for people wishing to use the arrow keys for moving the cursor in the comments. We can’t code the page to have the arrows do one thing for part of the page and another for the comments. You’ll have to use your mouse/pad to move the cursor. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


        Aww, it’s okay! Thanks for the reply! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something somewhere on how to do it myself! :D


    Thanks guys! :3 The Chimera and horses were the most fun part of drawing this vignette.


    Hrmm…but bullets didn’t do much to it, would an explosion really destroy it? Also I seriously appreciate how fluid the movement is on the third panel. It looks like a cat mid jump but immediately transitions to a frog in the fifth panel, well done!


    I see one dead frog, one dead horse and one dead french, comming really soon.
    And the frog still has the perfect amount of ugliness to be cute as hell.


      Actually it might not have all that large of a kill zone–explosives need to be tightly packed and surrounded by something heavy to do anything except make a lot of noise and possibly a shock wave. In this case, that much powder will make a big kaboom, definitely, maybe kill whatever’s next to it (all the powder with powder on top of it might be enough tight packing), but it’s not like what you would get if that much powder was packed into a big metal shell or something like that.

      At least, that’s my rough understanding.


    The chimera is a blend of awe-inspiring, terrifying, strangely cute and all together memorable. I am rather sad to see it go – though if it was hopping towards me in real life, I couldn’t blow it up fast enough. Kudos for making a frog-legged googly eyed critter somehow perfectly believable and so very, very scary.

    It’s not just the Chimera. Everything moves well on this page – it all has weight and substance and it’s beautiful! I was just admiring the tension of the muscle in the horses haunch in that last cell!

    Ok so I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the way the chimera is drawn in these pictures. Like thing doesn’t exist but the movements look so freaking natural and there’s a weight to everything it does

    Just…. fuckin bravo, honestly.

      oh absolutely, hchano. All those different animal parts, yet each is drawn in a way that that animal would move. You’d expect something that jumbled to be awkward, but it moves. Take the third panel, for example. You have the pad widening for pressure just like you’d see with any cat.


      Hear, hear.

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