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Chapter 9 Page 27

October 21st, 2014

The Liranequois hunters discover Snow-by-Night’s gems on Chapter 9 Page 27. Blaise musters his last reserves of strength to defend the manitou that means so much to him. To see what a hint of what happens next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Webcomics.

Only one more page to go in Chapter 9. Naty’s hard at work making flags and other incredible military details for our Vivienne-focused vignette. Behold some of her handiwork.

Saronne Battle Flag



    Now, I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I love how in that last panel the holes in the snow look like eyes. :)

    As for the vote bait image, I absolutely love Snow’s new look, especially the outfit. Her face is a bit more pudgy and her nose bigger, things some might see as flaws. But aren’t characters supposed to have them, in their traits as well as in their appearance? Those imperfections are what make them ‘real’ and relatable. Whether that was the artist’s intention or not, it works regardless. I hope you guys will keep Snow’s new appearance. It doesn’t hurt her at all, nor does it take anything away from this comic, in my opinion.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


    I’ll admit Snow does look a little odd, but I think some of that might have to do with the shadow by her nose. The placement makes her nose look bigger than it might actually be, if that makes any sense.

    Cassandra / Loki

    Panel 3 is one of them going through Blaise’s pack, right?


    Oh wow! I can’t wait till the new page next week.

    ^^ I personally think that Snow’s image on the hint looked lovely. I’m really excited to see her back and how she’s going to react towards Blaise, especially after everything he’s been through to help her.


    Omg! *squeals at vote bait* <33


      What? The vote bait was most distressing. I really hope that was an early version of the next page, and that Snow’s face has DRAMATICALLY improved since then. The art was improving, but that is awful. Not a strong comeback after her absence.

        Cassandra / Loki

        Maybe it’s modeled more after what a Liranequois woman looks like?


          I would guess the artist had either not seen or not comprehended the previous character design, not even a glimpse. Her sharp, angled, almost elven features are rounded out in a pudge face of binge eating? Her commanding eyes are tamed and tiny? Her nose is mashed in and widened, like she failed to reinflate after getting her form back this time?

          Sure, most readers of webcomics are sycophants and will not be frank about problems like this – even if the errors are so glaring they threaten to destroy all of the creators’ hard work. Personally, I’m not a teenager and I think it’s better to show appreciation by compliments when they’re due, voting on TWC and purchasing print copies, funding kickstarters, etc., rather than LYING.

          Honestly, I hope this was a first draft – or a joke – and the artist has corrected it by now. If not, she is ruining this awesome story. What a shame!


          So, in essence, you are disgruntled because the current artist doesn’t draw anything like the previous artist? That isn’t an “error”. It’s a preference in stylistic choices. There is no right or wrong in your argument; art is subjective. As someone who grew up reading The Sandman, I adjusted rather quickly to changing artists. I came to appreciate each artist’s interpretation of the characters. Sure, there were some I liked more than others, but I found that some people preferred the one’s I did not.

          Moreover, this comic has constantly experimented in style. Did you speak up once on any of the side stories? The current artist even did a side story, giving you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Since Eric picked this artist, I am pretty sure he agreed upon the stylistic choices. So, by insulting the artist, you are also bashing Eric’s direction for the story.

          My advice? Accept it or bugger off. Your rant doesn’t sound supportive to me. It sounds like the childish whining of someone who wants thing their way.


          All right. Enough. This is starting to get personal. Please keep comments to the content of the comic without resorting to personal insult or I’ll have to delete comments.

        David Argall

        The lady has just been thru a very traumatic experience, following which she may have been deeply influenced by the hero. Even very drastic changes in her artwork should be accepted, at least in the short run, and so far we have nothing that can’t be passed over without comment. If we want to be fussy, a line in the next strip or two might say “you look different somehow”, but even that is really only needed if we wish to call attention to changes like the acquiring of a soul.


    The eyes have it……

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