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Chapter 8 Page 27

March 18th, 2014

Fire, Fire, FIRE! More colonists join the fight against the flames on Chapter 8 Page 27.¬†Fires were a terrible threat to colonial towns in the 18th century. If left uncontrolled, a fire could wipe out an entire town, leaving the population to freeze and starve in the harsh winters of North America. You can read some of how the colonists fought fires on the Williamsburg site. As for the fire truck they’re using on today’s page, here’s the actual device. The Richard Newsham’s Fire Engine. You can see it in operation here.

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    Who’s that, bottom of the last panel? Holding the fire hose?


    This is great, actually. I learned something new! And that video demonstrating how the fire engine works was neat. What a clever device.


    Blahhh… no plot development. pure scenery, for the entire comic?
    IMO, kinda a waste of a comic :(


      These kind of “breather” comics are sometimes necessary. By weekly pace they may seem a bit tedious, but during reread they build up the atmosphere and intensity. It’s not waste, you are just impatient.


        Agreed, noako.


        I guess I’m having a bit of a mental incongruity. Normally, I like occasional scenery type comics. But this to me feels like a ‘stop and pause’ in the middle of a whole ‘go slow’ series of comics. Thats odd.. seeing as how they are all about a fire? O.O But that’s really the feeling i get when reading these last 5 or so pages.
        Trying to take a stand back and figure out why… I think perhaps its the colorscheme. I think there’s something about all that (purple?) that seems to make my mind say (this-is-not-exciting). Weird.


      Part of the point of having comics is for the art. The scene is beautiful, especially the lighting. Some of Studie Ghibli’s animations have very calm moments that are nonetheless enjoyable. Be patient.


    I think you forgot the link to the strip above.

    Chapter 8 Page 27


      Of course, my remark above will make no sense to those of you already looking at the strip, however my RSS reader takes me to the journal entry, so usually I have to click on the link in the journal entry to get to the strip. :(



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