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Chapter 8 Page 24

March 9th, 2014

Vivienne finds Jassart among the burning debris on Chapter 8 Page 24. He’s looking a bit worse for wear. To see what Vivienne does next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

The extended deadline for the Art Contest is this Saturday, March 15 at midnight. We’d love to see your versions of art and alchemy. The theme is a broad one that covers the elements, planets, plants, and metals. So don’t let the theme scare you. You can read all about Alchemy in our Almanac.

Some real world news. I read this article about mental health issues for children on Native American reservations in the Washington Post. I found the facts presented dismaying and I find it troubling that we’re overlooking a huge class of people in need. I think the Center for Native American Youth will be my charity of choice this year. I will continue to think of ways to help and possibly throw Snow by Night’s weight (what there is of it) in support of helping the youth in the tribes.



    Extra crispy!
    Maybe he’ll have some character growth. Maybe.


    any contempt I had for Jassart is flying away, seeing him lie there in the snow like that.


    She’s cute!

    And there’s karma for you. Moral of the story…don’t betray your friends. Especially when there are flammables around.


    He’s going to steal her heart.

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