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Chapter 8 Page 21

February 24th, 2014

Bertrande’s laboratory is devastated on Chapter 8 Page 21. Jassart has survived the experience; Bertrande does not appear to be as fortunate.¬†Another two characters arrive on the scene on Page 22. Please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see who it is.

Speaking of blasts from the past, I’m pleased to announce the artists for the vignette following Chapter 8 are Shazzbaa of Runewriters and Steph Stober of Final Arcanum. I’ve long been a fan of Shazzbaa’s work, and she did a superb job with Daughters of the King. If you’re a fan of Shazz (and you should be), you know that her comic is currently on hiatus and she’s not taking any personal projects. However, I already had her on board for this vignette when she reached that decision. We worked it out with Steph Stober joining the vignette team as the colorist. I’m so glad we did. Steph is another great artist with whom I’ve been wanting to work ¬†for a while. I’m very appreciative of Shazzbaa making the time in some difficult circumstances.

Entries for the Snow by Night Art Contest are due Saturday March 1 by midnight. We’d had some incredible submissions last year and the SbN team is looking forward to seeing this year’s creations.

Christina Major is running a Kickstarter Campaign for her hilariously awesome comic Sombulus. She’s so close to making this happen. Please join me in contributing her her Kickstarter and making this a reality.



    You deserved that and more

    Dave Wurtsmith

    I really like how the artist rendered the smoke in the first panel. It really looks as if it were pouring out of the burning building.


    Dont want to sound awkward, but this image makes it look as the the lap is in the middle of nowhere, which we have seen in other chapters that its not. It feels like a bit of a continuity error.

    …He looks cold.

    Where’s a Bantha when you need one? {O.o}


    Yeah, black powder burns absolutely suck, quite aside from the concussion from a low explosive blast wave. Those can throw people and things quite a distance ( I’ve seen 700 lb rocks thrown 100 yards by a similar explosive) and cause internal injuries. The burns can be nasty, because black powder doesn’t burn clean ,it leaves a lot of sulpherous sticky sooty residue. I once had granules of that residue stuck in the skin of my forearm for months due to an accident with black powder.

    Elsa Helsing

    I have a few things to say.
    1. Wow. I absolutely love the way this is colored. Hats off to the artist. *bows*

    2. Ouch. Jassart looks like he’s in really bad shape. But who wouldn’t be, being that close to the explosion?

    3. I wonder if maybe the authority will blame this on Jassart, thinking that he did all this, since he is the only one at the scene so far. Unless someone saw Blaise coming out of there, the only one that actually knows that Blaise was there, that we know, is Matilde.

    4. May Bertrande be with her husband.

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