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Chapter 8 Page 15

February 3rd, 2014

Blaise takes desperate measures on Chapter 8 Page 15. Go for the eyes, Blaise! Go for the eyes! Where have I heard that phrase before? The vote incentive was a challenge this time. To see what I finally settled on, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

It’s almost time for the Snow by Night art contest. We’ll post rules on Wednesday!




    I know it makes sense
    but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat


    Well done.


    Eyed an oppurtunity and took it…well Them.


    Well, the eyes ~are~ the window to the soul… :)


    Hmm. THAT can’t be good. How exactly did Blaise come to the conclusion that “fist in the face” is a way out of this? I mean, she might remember and be a tad grumpy! ;-)


    Well… that was unexpected.

    Well… that escalated quickly.

    Well… … …his hands in her face.

    Next update, we will find that Snow-by-Night has transformed into a miniature giant space hamster.


    I like how he goes from gloved to hand in face, 1 less glove. body heat to help the eyes lose the snow around them quicker…but where did the other glove go. is it on the floor or in his other hand. so he used a swift grab motion from one glove to take the other. hmm interesting how really a swap in color adds an extra event that must have happened in between slides that still fits well with body positions in my mind anyway.

    Looking forward to whats next


      Ooops. That would be a mistake. Blaise should still have his glove on. I’ll talk to our colorist and get that fixed right away. Sorry to take away the swap in color and ruin the extra event., but Blaise learned that she’s cold and to leave his glove on. :-(


        Thats ok, I was commenting to bring it to question. I liked it but not everyone wants ice in the palm of their hands.( or thinks to do so in a quick event like this.) Have fun.

    Number 6

    Very rarely does one get the opportunity to utter the phrase “Thank you for punching your fist into my face and ripping my eyes out”. Hopefully she will appreciate it.

    Elsa Helsing

    I spent ten minutes laughing because I thought he had punched her in the face just ’cause. My apologies.
    But very smart Blaise. I never would have thought of that.

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