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Chapter 8 Page 14

January 28th, 2014

Time is running out for Blaise and Snow-by-Night on Chapter 8 Page 14. Jassart continues to explain and distract Blaise as Bertrande continues to work on the manitou. To see what Blaise does next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Brittany and Bethany made it back from Ohayocon safely. That drive across the mountains in the middle of winter is always a bit chancy. When they left Columbus, it was snowing. She brought the cold and snow back with her. It won’t even breaking freezing as the high tomorrow. Father Winter must be looking for his Youth.

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    Interesting that Jassart didn’t give a definitive answer in the first panel. Mind you Jassart rarely seems to give a definitive answer to many questions, but it always seems to be when he doesn’t want to admit something. So, what feeling do you not want to admit this time, hmmm Jassart?


    Jassart….and then people wonder why humans can be such disgusting creatures.

    Saith Jassart:

    She’s ruining everything! All my plans. Our partnership. Why can’t you see that?

    From what I have seen in-comic, Snow-by-Night helped Jassart and Blaise undertake a robbery that would otherwise have been totally out of their league, and has otherwise only asked that they fulfill the promise they (well, Blaise) made (to help her find her heart).

    Apart from their argument early in Chapter 7, I have seen no reason to believe that Snow-by-Night has corroded their partnership – and as Blaise noted, until he made his request for Jassart’s help, he had “gone along with every scheme [Jassart had] dreamed up”, and “never asked for much in return.”

    Still flush with gold coins from the robbery of the seigneur’s manse, and with a good reason to stay out of the spotlight, IMO it probably wouldn’t have hurt Jassart terribly to help Blaise out. Indeed, acceding to Blaise’s request would surely have gone a long way to keeping him happy.

    What is more, Jassart could have set a condition on his aid to Blaise to make sure that they kept their hand in the odd robbery, perhaps with some help from Snow-by-Night. (In fact, I would say that had they been upfront and honest with Snow-by-Night and said “we will help you find your heart if you help us with our professions” I suspect they would not have fallen afoul of Snow-by-Night’s anger the way they did in Chapter 5.)

    Now, of course, their partnership is probably ruined, at least for the time being. Insofar as Jassart’s plans involved maintaining a profitable partnership with Blaise, they are also ruined. But I don’t think Jassart can honestly blame Snow-by-Night for that.

    Mathilde’s analysis in Chapter 7, page 10 remains as accurate as ever.


      By this point, its all moot. We’ve got two very angry men shouting at each other. I don’t think reason has anything to do with this confrontation anymore.

      As for Mathilde… man, I can’t wait until Jassart gets back at her. Had she kept her mouth shut, this confrontation never would have happened. Yeah, Snow would have died, but the next plague would have been fought off. Worth it.

        Elsa Helsing

        I’ve been wanting to ask a question, but I was never sure if I should have asked it. And I hope no one gets offended, or finds this disrespectful.
        But in all honesty, Jeremy, how would you feel if someone you loved, not someone like Snow, but someone you loved was taken from you, by YOUR best friend, because they said this person you love, is dangerous and is a threat to you or anyone else?
        Now imagine if you never knew the one you loved was taken from you, and the only way you found out would be through your best friend’s girl friend. Do you really think his girl friend deserves to be punished because she tried to save the one you loved? Or tried to save a life in general?
        Now you’ll probably come up with the answer that Blaise is in love with a spirit, and that’s crazy, so he can’t really be in love with her, it doesn’t really matter, Blaise believes he loves her, or feels like he does, to me, love can be defined by many ways.
        And you’ll probably say that Snow IS dangerous, yes she IS indeed dangerous, but only if you put her in a spot where she feels like she is in danger, or she feels like you’re a threat to her. From previous comments of yours, I’m assuming that you hold a big grudge against anything winter-like, but, and I know someone here will probably say I’m in the wrong to ask this, and I maybe am, but you can’t blame the cold for what has happened to you and the others in the past. What were you doing out there where the ice reached you and the others?

        I apologize to anyone who is offended, and I do not mean to be disrespectful.


        IF Jassart learns it was Mathilde who told Blaise. That’s a big IF.

        I hope Blaise is able to save Snow-By-Night. For all of her anger and the havoc she could cause, she is very much an innocent in the ways of mankind.

          Well I hope that Snow-by-Night gets saved. This is far too good a comic to end so soon.

          And that melting snow will ruin the floor. The stains won’t come out you know.


          Chapter 8 is the end of Act 1. We’ve got 2 more acts for a total of 24 chapters. So it won’t end just yet, but I make no guarantees of any of the characters surviving this chapter.

          So,the aether ignites, they all die and the next 2 acts are all about Mathilde complaining about how nobody appreciates her. Or perhaps act 2 is set 20 years after the massive explosion and fire that devastated the colony when the remains of Snow-by-Night have finally accumulated enough aether for her to reform… :-)

          Looking forward to the next act whatever happens. Any plans to publish Chapters 1 to 8 in a single volume, perhaps via Kickstarter?


          Yes, we do have plans for a Kickstarter in the first half of this year. It will be for Volume 2, which is chapters 5-8. I have chapters 1-4 as individual chapter books. I need to put a bigger dent in the chapter book inventory before I can print Volume 1. The Volume 2 book will have a new exclusive vignette as well as lot of bonus information, like sketches, notes, and my maps for the various locations. It’s looking to be around 160 pages.


        I am curious of the good Jeremy’s mindset here. I agree Snow here is dangerous, but surely she can be classified as innocent in many ways, or at least an otherwise neutral entity.

        I mean, what is this spirit of winter was instead a normal young woman that simply had a lot of ather? Would it be okay to sacrifice her to stave off a plague that would affect thousands? What if it was two, ten or a hundred such women? Serious moral and philosophical implications here, I dare say.

          Elsa Helsing

          Imagine if they did sacrifice Snow and all these women (if there were women who had a lot of aether), and the plague never even happened?
          So far from what I know, when Bertrande says the next plague, it’s just an assumption really that there might be the next plague, and if there is, they’re prepared. But no guarantee it will happen.


    “I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world!”

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