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A Life So Free Page 5

November 10th, 2013

Peyre reveals his generosity on Page 5 of A Life So Free. The wealth obtained by the voyageurs and the coureur des bois were enormous. Yet many of them died impoverished. To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

The SpiderForest webcomic of the week is Snow by Night! Hey, that’s us. It’s a great comic, if we say so ourselves. You should totally read it.

If you’re visiting us for the first time on a referral from one of the other webcomics in SpiderForest, welcome! We’re glad you can came by to visit. We’re in the middle of a vignette at the moment. These are short stories by a guest artist we run after each chapter. This one is drawn by Minuiko and tells the story of a voyageur and his love of the wilderness of the Upper Country.



    Oh, I totally think he should have not had a family at all if he wasn’t up for the responsibility. But I myself am someone who longs for new places and get really restless. The dreamlike romance of travels is really strong in me, so I would assume that’s how he feels. I think it’s tragic because he’s above attachment, but being human attempted to live as expected of him, but failed. His mistake was succumbing to having a family when it was not what he wanted and brought them pain they did not deserve.


    His story is heart breaking… He’s a person who has so many dreams that he just dissolves into different directions, failing at everything yet staying happy. Feels like he should never have had a family since he seems oblivious to their pain and sorrow :(


      It seems like he was a really good voyageur though, and that that always went pretty well for him. Maybe that’s why his character kept returning to that life: of all his life’s facets, it was the one that felt the most like a welcome home to him.



      How is HE someone to feel sorry for? HE, always did *exactly what he wanted* !!
      It’s only the wife and children that deserves any pity.


    She had her own laboratory built? Daaaang. That’s expensive, even by today’s standards.


      The fur trade made everyone involved in it stupendously wealthy. It was the prime export of French Canada. The governors had a terrible time convincing the settlers to stay and farm the land. You wouldn’t get rich growing peas, apples, and hogs. You did get rich with beaver fur.


    This comic could be subtitled, “Easy Come, Easy Go”.

    Or, alternatively:

    Peyre is a schmuck.


      Schmuck? I can think a few more colorful words to describe this guy. ;-)

      A rather cold letter really, considering it’s a death letter. I rather think she could have done a lot better than this guy. Oh well, interesting background and great art! :-)


      Alternately, you could say he puts the “canoe” in “douchecanoe.”


    And, the vignette is framed as a (posthumous?) letter from the voyageur to his wife. Hence the odd construction.

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