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Chapter 7 Page 27

October 20th, 2013

Mathilde arrives at Blaise’s door with dire news on Chapter 7, Page 27. What will Blaise do next? Will Snow-by-Night level the town? Will Bertrande drain the manitou of all her aether? All these questions will have to wait until Chapter 8 Of Making and Unmaking.

Starting Wednesday, I’m pleased to present the vignette A Life So Free, drawn by the incredibly talented Minuko. To see preview of one of the main characters from the vignette, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic. Is that…?  A younger…?

The Spider Forest comic of the week is Stargazer’s Gate. The result of NaNoWriMo 2012, Stargazer’s Gate explores the idea of interconnected worlds with vastly differing cultures, curses, and dreams. Join Atrina Vilanar as she stumbles through a gate into the tightly controlled world of Wynd, leaving behind her sister, Leawyn, who’s certain Atrina isn’t dead.



    If jassert doesn’t walk away with at least a punch in his face, I will be sorely disappointed.


    Honestly, why are people calling for Jassart’s death? Its Mathilde’s betrayal of him that bothers me. Whats her deal?


      So Mathilde exposing someone’s diabolical plan to possibly drain a spirit is a *bad* thing? I would think it’s commendable to look out for someone’s safety… And Jassart is a sh*t boyfriend anyway.

    NICE! Great page all around, looking forward to Ch. 8!


    All that build up and now we have to wait for a Vignette? You swine! :-)
    Actually, good plotting. Looking forward to lots of bad things happening in the next Chapter!


      A small solace for you — the vignette is about Bertrande. So we’re still in the moment.


        Of course, this being Blaise Dansereau, he’ll probably just give a Gallic shrug, go back to sleep and pop round to the Alchemist’s tomorrow afternoon to make sure everything is alright.


          Ahh, Sturmkampf, not with his Lady Love in danger! We will see the chivalric daring that has lain hidden inside him the whole time.

    Alice Borje

    OMG OMG OMG anticipation O.O


    To be honest, I’ve spent the weekend hoping today would be spent with Mathilde bursting in and revealing Jassert’s scheme to Snow, followed by Jassert’s unceremonious end on Wednesday.

    As brilliant as M’s face is in this last panel (one of the best to date, imo), I’m a touch disappointed.


      I understand, Greg, but Mathilde’s M.O. isn’t kicking in the door. It’s not her style.


        Oh, it absoLUTEly would have been out of character and shattered verisimilitude! My impatient desire for frontier justice has been trumping my love of quality storytelling though. Thanks for making the better choice.;)

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