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Winter Fantasy Page 10

July 2nd, 2013

And with Page 10 of Winter Fantasy, our vignette comes to a close. It becomes clear here that it was Blaise’s imagination that turned his window doodles into a musical fantasy drawn in frost for all of us to share with him. Next week, we begin Chapter 7 – take a peek at the cover page by voting for us on Top Web Comics for a glimpse of what is still to come.

Since we prepare our updates on the night before an update day, we will not be updating this Friday so that our staff can enjoy America’s Independence Day. We hope you enjoy July 4th, whether you’re celebrating the same holiday or not, and we’ll see you here next week!



    Because no one has said it yet… That last panel is beautiful!! So clever!


    That was the cutest daydream ever. :-)


    Snow being who and what she is, can she be aware of Blaise’s doodles? In a sense he’s drawing on her, and while there’s a LOT of stuff for her to pay attention to she has particular reason to attend to his area.

    Someone is quite smitten. Very cute!

    Bill Meahan

    What a lovely end to a lovely vignette.

    The vignettes are like little jewels making the whole graphic novel experience like a piece of fine antique jewelry. A brilliant central stone amidst a setting of smaller stones of equal brilliance held together by a filigree of woven gold.


      Thank you for the beautiful (and poetic!) review <3 It's a great encouragement to the whole team that works on the project that is Snow by Night! <3


    I’ve never seen a man so smitten before. It’s kinda cool. And Snow wins anyway so yeah.

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