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Winter Fantasy Page 7

June 23rd, 2013

Having fallen to the bottom of Crescent Falls, Blaise and Snow land in a boat that takes them to shore. Hand in hand, they walk toward a long wooden fence on Page 7 of Winter Fantasy – to see what lies beyond, vote for us on Top Web Comics.

With Eric away on vacation, Diane is here to take over (despite also being on vacation)! Luckily my vacation is just a few hours south at my family’s house, so internet access is easy to get. Eric, on the other hand, is somewhere on a plane right now. He’s right about Thursday’s update; there will be no Almanac entry this week. Instead, stay tuned for something much, much sillier!


    Bill Meahan

    Love the last panel!!!

    Go to Westminster Abbey and see the names carved in the floor. Close your eyes and you can feel their presence. You are standing on their mortal remains. Gave me shivers both times I visited.


    My Android devices don’t show a link to this page. Nada. Past pages were accessible on them. What changed?


    This segment is incredibly cute and sweet!


    Is this an actual part of the storyline? Is this arch going to be over soon? I hate to point out the obvious but musical montages only work when there is, ya know, music–which does not convey through text and makes this whole thing quite tiresome and long drawn out in my opinion. I keep thinking it’s over and it keeps going on, here’s to hoping it’s over soon and we can get back to the story (which I do usually enjoy, despite my grievances about this particular style choice).


      This vignette is actually part of the storyline in that it shows Blaise’s emotions. It also gives me a chance to show some of parts of Everique I haven’t touched on yet, such as the Onyara Falls, the birchbark canoes, and the Elakanois. While music would certainly be helpful (the tune is to Aupr├Ęs de ma Blonde which you can find on You Tube), I tried to build a flow to the words and the art that would survive without the music.

      Chapter 7 returns on July 10. One of the side benefits to the vignettes is it gives Brittany and Naty a chance to rebuild our buffer and get ahead of updates again. They are hard at work on Chapter 7, which is titled “I Know What’s Best”.


        Oh word… I was just very confused. I was unclear as to whether this was a guest strip, or a intermission, or actually happening and suddenly they were shrinking down and doing magical things… anyway, confusion got the best of me. I’m glad to know the story will be returning as normal soon, I very much enjoy it, and I appreciate you all taking the time to make it. Sorry if I came off rude.


          You didn’t come off as rude so no worries there. I knew I was taking a chance with the vignette by making it a musical daydream. I think the vignette will read better when it is all posted. The large panels with only the lyrics to read means that the viewer can move through the pages very quickly. So while it feels long now, it is much faster in the final compilation of the chapter.

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