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Chapter 5 Page 24

January 7th, 2013

Almanac Reference: ArrĂȘte

Oh man. We’re living up to our motto again with “That took longer than I thought.” Network Solutions was being problematic and WordPress wasn’t responding. However, we’ve got it fixed (I think) and we’re back in business. More importantly, we have a new page! Yes, we’re back from our holiday break with Chapter 5 Page 24. We pick up the action with Snow-by-Night losing all patience with mortals. To see Brittany’s pencils for this page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Panel 1: Funny lil hole in the back of her cloak looks like a Heart Hole.


    Hmm… Well, she has to have a sense of justice at least. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be that angered.

    I hope she didn’t forget that she used to be a thief as well. Even though she didn’t keep the things she “found”.


    All very good assumptions. We shall see tomorrow night.

    Oh they are so about lose her assistance in anything – in fact I think they will be lucky not to get attacked outright themselves.


    So is this the moment when Snow shows Jassart the consequences of break your given word with a manitou?


    It appears that the jig may be up.



    I hope you don’t hold legal rights to your motto. That could get expensive for me!


      I don’t think we can claim ownership of our motto. We follow in a long tradition of optimists and victims of a series of unfortunate events.

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