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Chapter 5 Page 20

December 9th, 2012

Did Blaise just bring a manitou to a knife fight? Snow-by-Night arrives to save Blaise and Jassart on Chapter 5 Page 20.

In celebration of the release of The Hobbit, Snow by Night is hosting Riddle Week this week. Each day, I’ll pose a different riddle. To see the answer vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics, where I will post the solution in addition to pencils for the current page.

Monday’s riddle (we’ll start with an easy one).

On overleafs and underhangs,

I crawl upon my belly.

I eat my fill, sleep it off

then fly away in majesty

Tuesday’s riddle.

Halo on a head; ripples in a pond.

Age of a tree, sign of a bond.

I link together and keep apart.

If only you knew where to start!

Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to see the solution.




    I love that menacing final panel. Kick some ass!


    It won’t be too bad. She is just going to pull a snow job on them.


    Monarch butterfly life stages as a Caterpillar and then as a butterfly.


    Hm. Magical girl from the frozen kill-or-be-killed lands *understands* violence. I almost (but not quite) feel sorry for L’s crew…


    She doesn’t look happy. Everybody get your coats ready… it’s gonna be a cold one!

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