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Chapter 5 Page 19

December 4th, 2012

Almanac Reference: Ald Baillon

Outnumbered and outflanked, Blaise and Jassart need help. Where, oh where, will they find someone to come to their rescue? Find out in Page 19 of Chapter 5. To see Brittany’s pencils for this page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Also, we’re having our holiday sale in the Snow by Night store. Buy 3 prints get one free, and a bag o’ buttons. These aren’t just any buttons, but a bag of the popular colonial slang buttons. Because sometimes you need to make fun of your friends in 18th century insults, those ninnyhammers.



    I just started reading this WONDERFUL story today and I. AM. HOOKED. The art and writing are top notch. You’ve got a new fan!


      Thank you! We’re glad that you are enjoying the story. It’s a lot of hours to make it, but it’s a labor of love.

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