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Losing by Winning Page 1

October 16th, 2012

Almanac References: 1684, Blossom, Jacqueline de TillyJean-Henri de CaraillesSaronne, SherbourgVivienne de Carailles

Vivienne makes her triumphant return in Page 1 of Losing by Winning. She’s been away for far too long so I’ve asked S.Y. Lee to bring her to life in this vignette. And boy, did Lee deliver. The garden party is a feast of pastels, bows, and ruffles, and also attitude, sniping, and rivalries. Lee has a very different style and process from Brittany. If you want to see a great example, see  the sketch Lee did for this page by voting for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.



    Is the year supposed to match up with calendar?

    Sorry for the odd question, I’m a historical costumer, and the clothes aren’t 1684, they’re 1784. (In fact I just finished a 1740 frock coat for my husband, and my dress is next)

    In any case, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!! I love your artwork and stories!


      It’s not an odd question, because you’re right. We’re basing these fashions off of the mid-1700s (with some room for liberty by the artists). While the year is 1684, the world is not our own. There are notable differences, like the Rome never formed its empire (it tried but never defeated the Greeks) and the Dark Ages weren’t quite as dark. I’m going to have finish up the history section of the almanac in the near future.


        Hold on, “no Roman Empire” has a whole cascade of effects that are spinning my head. Keep talking!


          A greatly reduced Roman Empire might be a better description. The Rome of Corthus lost the Battle Pydna so its expansion to the east stopped. That means the Hellenic Successor States survived for some time, and the Ptolemaic pharaohs still rule in our analog of Egypt.


    “Don’t I always?”

    I am suddenly very worried about that look.

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