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Chapter 5 Page 13

October 9th, 2012

Almanac Reference: Belle

Mathilde saves the boy’s bacon in Chapter 5 Page 13. Or does she….Dun, dun, DUUUUN! Laurent is up to something, I know it! I don’t like his shifty eyes….

Hi. It’s Naty. I’m sick and a wee bit delirious. You may have heard I have Mono. Some of you are cringing in sympathy, and some of you are scratching your heads wondering what the big deal is.
Mono is a virus, which means I can’t do anything but rest and drink fluids during it’s unfortunately long run time of 4-6 weeks. Its most notorious and lingering symptoms after the fever, aches, chills, and nausea…..ugh nausea….are fatigue and loss of appetite. The week we went off the air I was so nauseated I couldn’t sleep. Anti-nausea pills are MAGIC. Not that I want to eat anything, but I could if I wanted to now. But I’m just too tired to eat. I’m too tired to do anything. I am so incredibly tired, you guys, I went to the store for toiletry essentials and it felt like I hiked up a mountain to get there. The few items in my hand basket felt like lead weights and I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to be able to leave the store with them without assistance. Everyday things are a struggle, including coloring Snow by Night. Now that my fever is gone and I have magic pills to ward of the nausea, I’m trying to color again, but I feel like a turtle. So I ask on behalf of the team for everyone to please be patient with us while I recover from Mono. I will do my best to meet our usual update schedule, but If I can’t do it, I just can’t do it.

As an aside, I totally win for worst Con Crud this year because the incubation time for Mono is long and because all my troubles started exactly on Oct 1st means I picked it up at Dragon Con. Luuulz.


Diane here, popping in to add a few notes. First off, I’m so excited for the build up that’s happening on this page… You can tell we’re headed somewhere with Laurent (and that he wasn’t just a joke!). To see where exactly the boys are headed, check out our sneak peek at Top Web Comics.

Because of Naty’s sickness, I’d like to extend an offer to our readers asking for more fanart! We’re always happy to see it, and in the event that we can’t post a page, we really like having something to show you, regardless.

I also want to pose a question to you. If we can’t get a colored page done in time, would you prefer to see filler art (like sketches, or some of the bonus art we include in the chapter books), almanac entries, or simply the inked version of the pages, with the colored pages to be added as Naty completes them? Let us know in the comments!



    Mono is no fun. Keep resting! Eric, make her some Okonomiyaki! I will try to be patient…or occupy myself with schoolwork as always.

    Mono is not fun! I’ll see if I can whip up some more fanart for you guys.


    Inked version of the pages most definitely ;)


    Almanac entries come in first for me, especially if they’re only tangential to the story, followed very closely by concept art. Ink-only pages come in a distant ninth for me, not because I dislike the style but because I know I’ll get the pages anyway and I’d prefer tasty tasty bonus material.


    Mono, wooohf, that’s rough. Naty, hope you recover quickly!

    As for updates, I’m ok with getting non story updates while Naty does her best. And fan art is always rather fun.


      Fan art is fun. I enjoy seeming what other people draw as they have have completely different visions of the characters.


    If you post inked art at the regular schedule and the coloured pages as Naty can do them then Naty will have a huge chore after her illness to get everything caught up as well as do the current regular updates. Thinking about that looming workload might affect her ability to just plain rest, which it would seem is the only cure for mono.

    Just let her rest. I’m pretty sure I’ll survive a few late comic updates. You can always post info about your RSS feed for people that don’t understand how that works.

    I always like seeing lineart :D!


      I could make the pencils of the current page the vote incentive on Top Web Comic instead of preview for the upcoming page. Brittany is notorious for writing asides on the pencils that are edited out. For example, when Mathilde distracts Blaise to grab Snow-by-Night’s eyes, Brittany work in Mathilde shouting “OMG TACOS!” and Blaise replying “WHERE?”

    I hope Naty feels much much better very soon! Will be sending lots of well wishes her way.

    I would love sketches like concept sketches should Naty need more time to recover.


    I like almanacks, more world building is always good.

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