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Chapter 1 Page 13

January 26th, 2011

Almanac References: Johnny Bum, Ninnyhammer, Scallywag, Shabbaroon

Page 13 is up for your enjoyment. Claudine is quite the little firecracker, even if she’s not very good at expressing her outrage. She is amusing Blaise more than she’s intimidating him. Hmmm, I spy an Almanac entry on the horizon, dealing with Sherbourg slang.



    Argh! This web comic is going too slow! I am too impatient to wait for new developments! Nevertheless I will keep reading and suffer in a not so silent manner. Love the Sherbourg slang by the way :)


      I would love to post more pages each week, but Brittany can only draw so fast. If this takes off and she can quit her day job, we’ll definitely increase the number of pages each week. But until then, I’ll do what I can to create more content. Thank you for reading. My Sherbourg slang dictionary is up to 6 pages. I’m not sure if I’ll use it all, but I love playing with languages.


        You should definitely try to use it all. I find language fascinating and I am curious to see what other stuff you have come up with. Plus it adds more color to the world setting :)


        Yeah, playing around with language and colloquialisms is a lot of fun. I have a world I’m developing, and it’s got its own little file full of expressions unique to this world, from “Cliff-touched” to “Wax and glass”.


      You can also catch a sneak peek at next week’s page by voting for us on Top Web Comic. I change the incentive picture every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


    Recently came across your comic, it looks interesting but I can’t find anything on how often you update, on which days, etc.


      Hello and thank you for joining us. We update twice a week – an Almanac entry on Monday and a Story page on Wednesday.

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