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Law of the Riverside Page 1

February 21st, 2012

Almanac References: 1665, Cape Adamant, Everique, Saronne, Sherbourg, Sunblaze

Today we begin the vignette Law of the Riverside, drawn by the incredibly talented Natalie Baaklini. This short story presents the tale of how Ald, the gendarme of the Riverside district, came to Sherbourg. Her style is amazing. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Brittany and I are also pleased to announce our Fan Art Rendez-vous. Beginning next Monday, we will be posting a piece of fan art to the site. We will post another piece of fan art every week throughout the duration of the vignette. Diane is making us a new page where we can proudly display our fan art submissions. The guidelines are simple. Create a piece of art that has something to do with Snow by Night. It can be an illustration, poetry, or prose. If you are submitting something written, please keep it under two pages. Send it to my email address as a .jpg or .png (if an illustration) or .doc or .pages (if written). Brittany and I will consider them all and post the the one we like the best to the site. By submitting the fan art, you are giving us permission to post the art to our site. Otherwise, you keep all the rights.

One last bit of news, I’ve added another webcomic to our links page – The Fox & the Firebird. If you love fairy tales as much as I do, then you’ll enjoy this tale about the pursuit of the legendary firebird.




    Ha! If that’s not Québec City, with its Cap Diamant, I don’t know WHAT it is…

    Catching up on reading, and enjoying the references to inspiration notes from actual history of New France. (I was born in Québec City.) You guys are doing a great job with the art and the setting, and the story is enthralling, too.

    (First time posting here…)


      Québec City is the inspiration for this story. I have several good friends who live there. It’s a beautiful place with a fascinating history that is ripe to be the setting for a fantasy story.

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