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I have always dreamed of snow.

I grew up in St. Augustine, Florida, where winter was a wonderful time of the year. For a few short months, winter brought a reprieve from the heat and humidity. But even when it got cold, it never snowed. We got frost on occasion, but never white, fluffy flakes falling from the sky. Snow was something you saw on television. Something that you read about in books. Something that happened in far-away places. Snow was a fantasy.

Eventually, I left Florida and moved to Washington, DC, and it was here that I saw snow for the first time. Snow was everything I dreamed it could be. It transformed the world overnight. It hushed a cacophonous city. It glowed in the moonlight. Snow was magical. As this story came together, it did so to the sound of snow falling and to the sight of a street lamp half buried in a snow bank.

Welcome to Snow by Night. My dream of snow.

You can begin the tale here.

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    Ysa CPP

    This “welcome” was beautiful!

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