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Chapter 9 Page 16

September 14th, 2014

Blaise quibbles with Paws-Tread-Lightly over how to submerge Snow-by-Night’s eyes on Chapter 9, Page 16. Paws eventually talks Blaise into it — for better or for worse. To see Blaise’s delicious snack, please vote for Snow by Night on TWC.

Convention season is drawing to a close. So we’re offering the convention special for Volume 1 through our online store. This gives Chapters 1-4 for $20. Each issue is 40 pages. So that’s 160 pages of entertainment. They have the chapters, the vignettes, plus some pages a few pages┬ábonus content. It’s quite the deal!


    Do ever come to a moment in your life when you’re like, “I’m standing at the top of a waterfall. The talking fox says I should throw my spirit girlfriends gemstones in and hope she brings them back. What the heck, might as well. My life can’t skew off more than this.”? Yeah, that’s what I think Blaise is feeling right now.


    At least he said “We wait”, and not “Ha ha! Tricked you!”

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