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A Life So Free Page 6

November 13th, 2013

The Upper Country is big sky country, and it made quite the impression on the voyageurs who ventured that deep into the continental interior. Peyre echoes their awe in Page 6 of A Life So Free. You may have noticed that I changed the style of the caption boxes for this vignette. The drop shadows were causing issues in Illustrator so I switched them over to a standard stroke behind the fill. I think it looks cleaner. As always, to see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Dave Wurtsmith

    Wow. That’s some darn good writing. The last panel gave me goosebumps!


    We still call it the prairie. Grass sea is probably a better description, though. Imagine being on the ocean with no land in sight. Now imagine that the water is grass and you have the plains. Nothing but grass for miles around. Visitors tend to find the plains somewhere between awe-inspiring to a bit unnerving.


    Is Everique the only continent on Corthis that matches up directly to an Earth equivalent, or is Japethe laid out like Europe?

    Also, I’m finding I fairly consistently like your names for geographical features better than those of their real world equivalents.


      Japethe is laid out generally like Europe. There are minor differences, but if you look at it it would be recognizable as Europe. Aprhike is similar. The two biggest changes that I’ve made are the Black Sea stretches to the north, separating Japethe from Shamach. Another narrow sea extends south from the Arctic to nearly meet the enlarged Black Sea. Only a narrow isthmus connects the two. Over in Everique, I’ve placed the Straits of Anian where the Isthmus of Darien (Panama) is. It’s a crooked and narrow strait past volcanic islands. Dangerous place to voyage.

      I’m glad you like the names. I try to draw many of them from history. The Sweet Seas was the original name for the Great Lakes by Jacques Cartier. The French explorers’ word for the Great Plains was Prairie, meaning meadow. But that does not convey the enormity of what has also been called the Great American Desert.

    the colours, duke, the colours!!


    I’m not seeing a preview ATM after voting on Top Web Comics.


    Wow! That’s gorgeous!

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