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Chapter 17 Scene 6

July 25th, 2018

Chapter 17 Scene 6

Marshal Marguerite unleashes a deadly new alchemical weapon on the attacking Morantine — weaponized malignant spirits! It may look like poison gas, but it’s magical. I firmly believe that 18th century European powers would absolutely use technology like this to expand their empires if they had access to it.

One scene left in this chapter! It will be up next month. For a preview, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!



    It appears that you’ve done away with the twice-weekly update schedule as well as the comments. Is that correct? If so, it is a disappointing change.

      I’ve moved from a single page, twice-weekly update schedule to a scene update schedule, probably once a month. I’ve left the comments on the journal, but removed them from the individual comic pages.

      Here’s a peek behind the curtain. It costs me $250 a page to pay the artists to create this comic. At 2 pages a week, four weeks a month (on average), that’s $2,000. I make about $62 off my patreon and then about $25 off of advertising each month. So making this comic costs me $1,913 a month. That means I’m losing $22,956 a year. This doesn’t count my web hosting costs or my time.

      I’ve come to accept that Snow by Night will never be popular. I’ve thought long and hard about why, and I have a number of theories, but that’s another topic. What matters here is that Snow by Night cannot justify itself as a financial investment. So I have moved it over to being a passion project. I will update it when I can, as I can. Is it disappointing? Yes, it very much is, and no one feels that disappointment more sharply than I do.


        Understood, and the reply is appreciated (webcomic artists who simply “Go Ghost” are a huge pet peeve). Having no real insight into what makes a web comic popular or not, I couldn;t guess why SBN doesn’t have more readers. It’s a shame, because I think it’s is outstanding!

          I’m going to keep at it. I’m ridiculously stubborn. I just need to prioritize bill-paying jobs over this one. The script for ch18 is done and Julian is thumbing it out now. We’ll have another scene up in October!


        I’m so awfully sorry to hear that. :-(
        *goes ahead and adds Snow by Night to his Ad Block’s whitelist*


    If this thing had the title “Chapter 17 Scene 6 (pages 22-25)” then it would be more obvious that the same comments cover multiple pages.


    From the main Snow by Night page, choosing Latest Page doesn’t take you to the latest page…

      I’ve switched to scene updates. The link now reads “Latest Scene” and takes you to the first page in the new scene. If it doesn’t for you, empty your cache and refresh. That will fix it.


    Is that… THE Black Watch?


    I essentially just check in every other week or so to see if this chapter is over…no luck so far.

    Snow by Night has been an amazing webcomic because of the characters. The world’s events are usually told through the eyes of the characters and that’s what makes it interesting. This chapter though is essentially an illustrated textbook.

    But I’ll keep checking in and keep hoping. XD

      We’ve got more pages coming. Just everyone has been very busy with the summer convention season. There are 31 pages in this chapter. 29 of them are lined. Up through 27 are colored. We’ll have an update later this month, but it is a couple weeks away.


    So when all else fails they send in the skirt wearing Jockanese.

    Is this on the main page? If so, we updated the graphic to “Latest Scene” and it takes you to the first page in the scene. Your browser might have the old graphic cached. Just clear your cache and the new graphic should pop up.

    And DLK is right. We did that so that you went to the start of the scene rather than the end of it.


    BTW, the ‘latest page’ only shows page 22. May wanna fix that…..


    On one hand, I really missed the bi-weekly updates, but on the other, this was DEFINITELY worth the wait.


    Oh no! It’s the Devils in Skirts! Don’t bother to run. You’ll only die our of breath.


    The Black Watch is a famous Scottish regiment. It would never have St George’s cross, the English flag, on its bonnets!


      Eric has just been on a grand tour of Wales. Let’s hope he didn’t, like a ‘Mercian visitor to our Caerphilly office, begin his talk with ‘Hey, Wales is my favourite part of England!”

        Yeah… I never made that mistake. The Welsh are very clear on the point that they are not English. Especially as they’re rooting for Belgium against England in the World Cup.


          yeh thats a tradition for Wales, Scotland, and Irland. Cheer for your own side and whichever sides vs England. Rather good idea as its double the party potential.
          oc it can backfire like in the 2009 ROI v France ‘hand of frog’ match as it left the Irish wondering whom exactly should they root for ehn France faced England later.


      Anyway, this is all AU and as I recall England and Scotland don’t exist as such. The attackers come from the equivalent of Northern France.

        Yep, this is all AU. The Black Watch here are mercs from Albyn. The Morantine are essentially Normans. I’m drawing on the tie between Scotland and Bonnie Prince Charlie with the French as for way they are working for the Morantine.


    AAAAAAH THE BLACK WATCH among the most fierce and stubborn fighters. One of the stories is that one of their pipers kept playing despite having *just lost a leg* /is way too excited for this development/

    Cue epic bagpipe music!


    Boy, are the local tribes going to be angry. Those spirits are probably going to mess with all the other spirits of the area, and the mess will NOT be pretty. The French….er….the….not-French……may well lose ALOT of local allies over this.


    Huh, that’s weird – the main page’s preview thumbnail of the current page sems to show a different page? The position of people and spirits seems much different.


    Oh dear! Grumpy ghosties!




    Yeah, launching poison gas for military gain sounds in-character for 18th century European powers.


    Are the designs of those protective masks based on anything in particular?
    They remind me of something very specific but it’s super geeky and I don’t wanna say it without having an answer to the question first, lest I make myself look super silly, hehe.


      You are assuming they care about having ‘protective masks’. Being these are evil spirits, it would make more sense to have chaplains nearby if they ecide to float back to their launching point….


        I’m not entirely sure what you mean in regards to my question. I meant the question to be for the artist as I simply see a resemblance in the masks the troops are wearing to something else I have seen before and am curious.


        Also, it doesn’t help that my comment is meant for page 24 but seems to show up on several pages, many of which do not show the masks in question…

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