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Main Characters


Blaise Dansereau (BLAZE DAN-ser-OH)
First appearance: Chapter 1, Page 2
Blaise is a thief who works with his close friend Jassart. Jassart handles the planning while Blaise handles any locks and traps. The two have been moderately successful so far, and Blaise is fine with that.
Blaise was born on a habitation (a fortified farm) near Sherbourg but rural life was too much work for little reward. He drifted into town where he did a number of odd jobs, eventually ending up as an journeyman to a locksmith, where he learned the trade. The smith dismissed him for his repeated tardiness and failure to get work done in a timely manner. Since then, Blaise has fallen in with Jassart, and the two have a small-time criminal operation in Sherbourg. He lives in a frightfully messy basement apartment.
Blaise originally became a thief because he was too lazy to keep a steady job. He prefers to drift through life, taking the path of least resistance. He does not like confrontation and will avoid people with whom he has issues. He lets Jassart take the lead in their relationship, as going along with Jassart is easier than not. He doesn't have many strong opinions and tends to agree with any forceful personalities around him - most often Jassart.
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Jassart LeBlanc (juh-SART le BLANC)
First appearance: Chapter 1, Page 2
Jassart is a thief who works with his close friend Blaise. Jassart handles the planning while Blaise handles any locks and traps. The two have been moderately successful so far, but Jassart has bigger dreams.
Jassart is originally from Saronne - the mother country across the narrow sea from the colony. He is the child of a laundress and a charcoaler. He grew up in wretched poverty but watched the incredible wealth of the nobility for whom his parents worked. Spurning the life his father led, Jassart left home in search of wealth. His poor origins barred him from most avenues to social advancement in Saronne, so he crossed the sea to Sherbourg where opportunities abound. Here, he formed a partnership with Blaise and started building a small criminal operation. He lives in a loft which is very well appointed and furnished with the best that Jassart can afford.
Jassart remembers the poverty of his childhood all too well and desires wealth so that he will never want for anything again. He is a meticulous planner and does not undertake any projects until he has identified pitfalls and developed contingencies. He is very focused and has little time for conversations on subjects that don't interest him. When he loses control of a situation, he becomes irritable. He also has a weakness for pretty ladies.
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Mathilde Beauclerc (muh-TILD bo-CLARE)
First appearance: Chapter 1, Page 9
Mathilde is a ladybird (singer and entertainer) at the Harp and Trumpet Saloon in Sherbourg. She is a friend of Jassart and tolerates Blaise.
Mathilde grew up in Saronne as a younger daughter of a rich salter (he owned salt mines and sold salt). She was in training to be a priest to Haloun the Golden, lord of prosperity and wealth, but she had a wild, rebellious streak and feuded constantly with the chaplains at the seminary. She fled the seminary and fell in with a group of traveling performers. There, she learned singing, dancing, and how to work a crowd. According to Mathilde, she impressed the owner of the Harp and Trumpet during one of her performances and was hired on the spot for his saloon in Sherbourg. She lives in a boarding house not far from the Harp and Trumpet.
Mathilde lives for the day. She is vivacious, and her energy is infectious. Yet she is also opportunistic and always looking for an advantage for herself. She won't tell anyone, but she's frightfully lonely. Her relationships with both men and friends are transitory, and this is slowly making her bitter.
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First appearance: Chapter 1, Page 1
Snow-by-Night is a manitou, a nature spirit of the wilderness of Everique. She recently came to Sherbourg on a quest to find her heart, which she believes can be found among the mortals. She joined Blaise and Jassart's crew when they promised to help her find her heart.
Snow-by-Night is the spirit of a lake in the Trablais Mountains many miles to the north of Sherbourg. She claims to be the daughter of Father Winter, an immensely powerful manitou who lives beyond the north wind. Like most manitou, Snow-by-Night is composed of three of the four base elements. She is primarily a water spirit with substantial air and minor amounts of earth, but she is completely lacking fire. She is able to manifest a physical body, which is made completely out of snow. As a spirit of winter, she can manipulate the elements of water and air in a wide variety of ways. It also makes her susceptible to fire and warm weather.
Being a manitou, Snow-by-Night is ageless and incapable of empathy. While lacking the ability to feel love or compassion, she is curious by nature. Furthermore, she is simultaneously wise beyond her youthful appearance and incredibly innocent of the ways of mortals. Snow-by-Night is a graceful dancer, but she cannot sing.
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