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Sherbourg and the colony of Aradie use the currency of Saronne. Each of the coins has an official name, but the coins are more commonly referred to by a nickname. The following list provides a description of each of the coins in order of ascending value.

Deniet or “Drab” - A small copper coin showing a gathering of shafts of wheat on the obverse and the first bridge built in Arcaneaux on the reverse.

Sou or “Little” - A small silver coin with the crest of Saronne on the obverse and a picture of a galleon on the reverse. It gains its nickname because it is smaller than then Eci.

Eci or “Blessing” - A good-sized coin made of silver with a likeness of Giavere giving a blessing on the obverse and a picture of the great temple to Giavere in Arcaneaux on the reverse. It is the basic coin of the realm.

Destole or “Crown” - A golden coin with a picture of King Raimon, the first ruler of Saronne, on horseback on the obverse and the crown of Saronne on the reverse.

Eudes-in-Gold - a heavy golden coin with a profile of Eudes, the current ruler of Saronne, on the obverse and the king's palace on the reverse. The coin is most often used as a number in accounting and does not see much circulation in daily commerce. As a consequence, it never got a nickname.

The value of the coins is set by royal edict, and monarchs have changed the values and conversion rates as it has suited their purpose over the centuries. The following are the current conversion rates for Saronnan currency.

1 Eudes-in-Gold = 10 Crowns
1 Crown = 5 Blessings
1 Blessing = 4 Littles
1 Little = 10 Drabs.

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