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Days of the Week

The week is seven days long, and each day is affiliated with one of the seven celestial bodies that orbit Corthis. Under the philosophical maxim of "As above; so below," these luminaries lend their characteristics to the day that carries their name. The days of the week are organized from the celestial body closest to Corthis out to the body furthest away.

As the moon is sacred to Giavere, this is the holy day in Saronne and therefore Aradie. The temples of Giavere hold holy day services throughout the day, and most Saronnans attend. Moonsday is a day to remember and reflect on the past. It is also a good day for intimate gatherings of friends and family. Moonsday is a day of rest. Most businesses are closed, and farmers and laborers are given the day off.

Niteosday is a day of communication, making connections, and making plans. Travelers commonly find the road easier or the wind blowing in the right direction on this day. The philosophers are particularly fond of this day, which they claim is good for study, writing, and research. The laity sometimes refers to by the day as Clerksday, a name that the philosophers detest.

In very formal or very old records, this day is written as Astartesday, but it is never spoken that way. This is a day of sharing and relationships. First impressions are said to be stronger on this day, and love at first sight almost always happens on this day. Marriages on Astarday are thought to be more resilient and passionate. This is also a day of artistic expression, and theatrical performances debut on Astarday for luck.

The Sunsday is a day of creation and beginnings. Almost all new ventures, including business endeavors, ocean voyages, and even marriages, begin on Sunsday to capture some of the luminary's fortune. The monarch of Saronne is customarily crowned on a Sunsday - a tradition that has filtered down to all governmental officials beginning their appointments on this day.

Pyrasday is a day of activity and physicality. The influence of planet causes restlessness and vigor. Athletic competitions are customarily held on this day to gain the planet's fortune. Feats of strength and physically skill in legend are always said to happen on this day. Battles fought on Pyrasday tend to be filled with heroics and are also exceptionally bloody.

Zenosday is a day of vision, expansion, and insight. Many of the greatest discoveries, such as the new continent of Everique, were made on Zenosday. The alchemists set this day aside for experiments. The day is excellent for socializing and having fun with others. Zenosday is a popular day for festivals, dances, and fêtes, as the luminary gives its fortune to these gatherings.

As the last day in the week, Elusday is a time for closing and endings. Businesses tend to close shop early, and no new endeavor is begun on Elusday if it can be helped. State funerals are always held on Elusday. Festivals that begin on Zenosday conclude on Elusday. Events that run for a period of time like the royal court or a theatrical performance run always conclude on Elusday.

Months of the Year

The Japethic calendar dates from the Seventh Revelation of Giavere who taught her worshippers to mark the passing of days. The calendar divides the year into twelve 28-day months measured from new moon to new moon. Because Giavere is a moon goddess, the phases of the moon match the passing of the month. Below is a list of the months of the year with their seasons.

ChillheartLate Winter
SnowmeltEarly Spring
BlossomLate Spring
ClouddriftEarly Summer
SkyrumbleLate Summer
AmberwaveEarly Autumn
BarebranchLate Autumn
SnowfallEarly Winter
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