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Chapter 3 Page 6

November 29th, 2011

Chapter 3 Page 6 is posted. The snow spirit makes her decision.

To see what becomes of that decision, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. We’re up to #112. That’s a new record for us. Only two more days to vote in November. Please think of us daily.



    ACK! One more quote….I WANT ON A SHRIT!!! :D Keep it up and I’ll be laughing off all the calories I eat during the holidays!!!

    Ecirb Ray

    Jassart better be careful, if she keep this up winter’ll push him out of my favorites spot.


    I think they better both be careful, that circle of flames has been slowly and (rather subtly) dwindling.

    Good work with the art on that :)


    If I were her, I would kick Jassart out of the room. :D

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