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Serpents in the Water Page 1

April 20th, 2016

With scene 1 for Chapter 13 posted, I’m going back to the Ch12 Vignette, titled Serpents in the Water. It’s illustrated by Cindy Mirabile, who prefers old school drawing n paper with markers. It gives the pages a feel that works well for the vignette.

But what’s going on in the vignette? The Morantine Fleet has set sail. Where are they going? What is their destination? One of the sailors has some opinions.

Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics to meet the Morantine officers. They’ll be playing an important role in the second half of Snow by Night.


    MORE traditional art?? Such a treat! <3


    um did a lot of pages dissipere? it seems like the last four pages are gone maybe

      All the pages are still up. After finishing scene 1 of Ch13, I’m going back to do the vignette for Ch12 since it’s now ready to post.

    Falling Star

    Wait, what the hell?
    I am so confused right no-
    Oh. Wait. Never mind.

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